Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Sun Kissed Day

  The end of the Olympics has seen the weather improve.We actually sat outside in the garden today getting sun kissed.The patio radiates the heat back up.I watered all the pots and baskets that have dried out.The Casa Blanca Lily is flowering now.This smells totally divine.
 The white petals have splashes of lime green, and slightly bumpy texture.The pollen covered Stamen are massive and wobble in the wind.
 I moved my Tiger Lily's next to the Casa Blanca's on the concrete path.I love the contrast in colours and both glow above the Hostas pots.
 The Water Lily has produced a third flower which I have managed to photograph.The pond has been invaded by the small lime green leaves.I think a bird or a frog brought the weed into it.It has totally covered the surface now.It will block out the sunlight so the green algae will be struggling.We saw two Frogs today chilling on the edges of the Lily pads.
 One of the few Rose Bushes that has survived the rain and is flourishing now is the Rose Gertrude Jekyll.These are perfectly formed Rosette flowers with a delicious old rose scent.I love how constant she is despite the horrible weather!A rose to savour every time you walk past her..
The Bishop of Llanduff are flowering away in the Spanish colours of red and yellow.I had to water these today as the pots were dry,and the compost within had shrunk down away from the sides of the pot.
  I hope for a few more days of Sunshine before the seasons change.

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Anonymous said...

Beautiful shots here - I have recently acquired a patch that I will be able to grow flowers in - alot of ground work required first of all and then lots of fun hours pouring over what flowers when to ensure I have colour all year. Really looking forward to it.