Thursday, August 09, 2012

Summer Colours

 It has been over a week since I posted.I have been watching the London 2012 Olympics every day watching team GB win more medals than I would have expected.The sun has actually shone yesterday and today after weeks of heavy rain.The garden continues to have little explosions of colour and form around it.This is the Poppy seed head from the red and black Poppy.I hope it drops its seeds into the sunken border and grows again next year.The rain washed the petals away after each and every flower.They were big and blousy.
 The Tiger Lily's have began to bloom in earnest.They are striking orange colour,with black spots on the petals.The stamen are covered in sticky pollen.These plants are funny in that they make seeds before they have flowered.Hundreds of black seed pods adorn the stems.
 The Rose Dark Lady has bloomed again after a terrible outbreak of black spot.Most of the Roses have succumbed to the fungal infection because of the wet summer we have had.
 I love the flowers on this Sedum growing in a clay pot by the house wall.It is brilliant lemon yellow colour and has attracted the pollinating insects.
 In pots around the new patio area the Dahlia Bishop Of Llanduff have begun to flower.These are lovely with the red and gold colours.
The Sweet Peas have bloomed lovely,and supplied us with little vases of cut flowers.They can fragrance the whole downstairs when freshly cut.I want to grow more varieties next year to have a plethora of different colours and scents.This one is the Catherine from William and Catherine Sweet peas we bought last year.
 I'm back to work for four nights so there may be a delay before more posts.I have been to the allotment and seen what weeks of rain and warmth does.Masses of weeds and grasses as high as my knees.
 I need to clear the weeds (again) and try to concentrate on harvesting what is growing.I still have my Leeks Neptune to plant at the plot.I am thinking of using black tarp to cover the paths between the raised beds.It has been a difficult year both for the garden and the allotment.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Davybro' Glad you've enjoyed Team GB's success. Marshall only really liked the athletics: seeing humans perambulate is his thing at the moment :) Love Jaws x