Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Wings And Dreams

  The brief sunshine we have had means that lots of flying insects have been visiting the flowers that are blooming in the garden.A mixture of perennials and wildflowers.This Echinops is two years old and has grown massively in the sunken border next to the conservatory.The Blue and white flowers bloom on the spiky flower head.This is a manga flower!
Local bees have gone mad for the nectar in the flowers and they are a hive of activity.
I love trying to photo Bees to capture their black eyes and furry bodies.I have caught this one in flight.The wings blurry in the photo.
A patch of wildflowers growing by the greenhouse attracts lots of Hoverflys,Bees,and Wasps.They are such a vivid yellow colour.I do not know what they are called the flowers.
Finally the other day the sun shone and some Butterflies came into the garden to feast on the Buddleja or Butterfly bush.They have such vivid wings.
A pair of these Butterflies alighted on the Butterfly bush.I tried ages to get a good photo of them feeding on the nectar.
This was my best photo of the pair of Butterflies..
This was the first time I saw the Buttefly wings outside the conservatory window.They are glorious, like garden free spirits that flutter around and make the summer brighter.

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Unknown said...

I love your wildlife pictures and think the wildflower you are asking about is ragwort. If you're lucky you may get cinnabar moth caterpillars on it. They are yellow, with black stripes like a football shirt. The moth is black and red and lives mainly on this plant.