Thursday, August 02, 2012

Butterfly Wings

 The wildflowers around the pond have been attracting all the pollinating insects.When the sun came out I spotted this Butterfly flitting around the flowers.It drank in the Red Nectar and these Daisy flowers.
 This little brown and orange one with the black and white eyes is called the Gate Keeper and likes hedgerows and brambles.My wildflowers are hedge like..
I am hoping that the August weather improves with sunshine,and less showers.I will go to the allotment tomorrow which has been neglected in all the rain and our holiday.I will see what is growing on and what has failed..
 I'm hoping that the Butterfly Bush brings more Butterflies in.These are beautiful insects,like mystical garden spirits.You need to grow lots of nectar rich plants to tempt them in and hope it is a hot sunny day for them to spread their wings and fly around gardens.

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kirstallcreatures said...

Nice to see the Gatekeeper in your garden,I read today that Gatekeepers have very short tongues and so prefer flatter open flowers than other butterflies that are more able to feed on more complex, deeper flowers. Just thought I'd share that with you :) Linda