Thursday, September 06, 2012

End Of Summer Highlights

 The Climbing Fuchsia that Cats Mum brought back from Cromer last year,has revived in the pot and is now flowering beautifully.The Scarlet and Crimson flowers contrast to the bronzed leaves.I tied up the stems today to the bamboo cane.
 It will need protecting over the winter.It will eventually become winter hardy but it needs cossetting for another season or two.
 The Common Garden Mint has flowered with these pretty lilac blooms.The scent of the leaves is delicious.The lilac seems to stand out above the leaves.
 The Late Summer has seen the Gladiolus flower.They have a nasty habit of falling over if they are not tied to something!The sun was shining today giving these nice colours.
 Late Sunshine should help the Apples ripen and get them larger on the tree.
 I spotted this Butterfly the other day alighting on the Butterfly Bush.Its flowers have an earthy scent to them.
 The Peacock Butterfly is very brightly coloured and I have seen several of these this Summer.
 The Strawberry plants are putting on a small burst of flowers and fruit.I ate a lovely juicy Strawberry today off the plant.It was so sweet and delicious.
 The Honeysuckle has made these Berry's which the birds have been feeding off.They are like mini Blueberries.I read that Blackbirds love to eat these.
 The Grapes are growing away nicely in the Greenhouse.I am waiting for them to change colour,so I can begin to taste them.There are a half dozen bunches growing which is not too bad for the first years growing season.
 There have been lots of Baby Birds coming into the garden to feed.These cheeky chappy is a baby Goldfinch.He has the black and yellow Wing bars but no facial colours.He looks quite spotty on the chest.
The Butterfly bush is a favourite place for Blue Tits to eat their sunflower hearts.I love how they hold it between their feet and peck away at it.
  The wettest summer ever has impacted on how much gardening and plot work I have done.I am already planning for next years growing season.I need some Spring Bulbs,and some seeds to revamp the garden.The Greenhouse needs replacing soon too.
  Luckily there is always something on show in the garden.

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