Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Floral Surprises

 We have come back from our week away in the Lake District.A stunning part of the country that I have never seen before.I came back to masses of flowers that had starting blooming in our absence.This Bee loves the Red Clover growing in our wildflower area.I saw masses of pollinating insects here.
 Our first posy's of the year.The Sweet Peas are blooming away nicely.The more you cut them the more they flower.The scent from these filled the conservatory and reached the bottom of the stairs.There are three varieties, David Bellamy,William and Catherine,and Spencer Mixed.these were late sowings as well as i was too disorganised to sow any in the winter!
 This is the first sumptuous Bishop Of Llanduff flower.They over wintered in the shed and the dark foliage has sprung up quickly.I love the deep crimson colours of the blooms.
 The Asiatic Lily's have bloomed all together at the back giving orange,red,pink,and yellow flowers.They do not smell but look great.I want to buy more of these in different colours to give a wider variety of flowers.The Lily Beetles do not seem to have done much to the flowering potential of these.
 I thought this was a Toad Lily but it is a scented Pink Phlox,and it is stunning.The flowers are iridescent and glow even in the poor evening light of a cloudy sky.They smell faintly of cloves but quite sweet.
The White flower of Sweet Pea William and Catherine.There seem to be two colours.A salmon pink,and this white flower growing in the pot.
 Its the last day of July.The days of summer will be fading fast.This year seems to be have been an almighty wash out.
 I have been watching the Olympics since the amazing opening ceremony.I loved watching the conclusion of the equestrian 3 day eventing.The show jumping was fabulous!
 I am back to blogging as well now after a little summer rest.I need to upload some Lake District photos too to show how glorious it is in the north west,,

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Bangchik and Kakdah said...

To feel happy with your flowers after a visit to Lake District is a testimony to excellent gardening! congratulations......