Thursday, July 19, 2012

Garden Changes

  The rain has fallen so often that July is in danger of being washed out.The surviving Roses have been cheering me up.This Arthur Bell is the only Rose on the plant.Black spot has infected quite a lot of the plants.It is so vibrant with its lemon yellow petals,and scent.
 Blooming beautifully as well outside the conservatory is the Butterfly Bush.I hope for some hot dry weather so we can attract the local butterflies.The coppiced growth has seen it grow about twelve feet and the rain has pushed a lot of the stems sideways towards the bird feeders.
 After the conservatory was built we lost the space to have the outside table and chairs.We wanted a patio area built for sitting out,and having barbecues (assuming it ever stops raining).Half the grass was dug up and moved to by the kitchen wall.A stone base layer was layed down and compacted in the space.That was day one.
I worked two long days and the Patio was finished on days two and three.It cannot be walked on until tomorrow.I have been imagining planting combinations along the edge of it.The concrete path and the fence on the left were not parallel so a line of stones has been used to fill the gaps.
 The Mole has been busy digging on the bottom right hand corner!The Bramley Apple Tree will keep growing in the corner alongside the Strawberry bed.
 We still have grass at the front of the house,and the half a lawn at the back  bordered by the pond, greenhouse,and path to the shed.
 I have one more day to work before we are going to the Lake District for a week.I'm praying the weather is kinder to us.

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