Thursday, July 05, 2012

Blooming Surprises

 I have finished my latest set of night shifts and came back to find the garden awash with new blooming flowers.These Freesias scent the air outside the conservatory and when you come back to the house this is what you can smell.They are strongly scented and I will try to grow lots more next year.
 The Poppy that was growing under the Sambuca has flowered.It has a massive double flowered poppy with black and red ladybird petals.the central yellow bit looks like a sweet.
 It has been pouring with rain so the Poppy is a bit bedraggled,there is one more bud left to flower though.I cannot remember sowing any Poppy seeds here..
 The Asiatic Lily's by the front door have begun to flower.I think there were five different colours and these red ones have started to flower first.
Despite the Lily beetles best intentions these look to be flowering beautifully.They look amazing above the strappy leaves.
 We have a few days off to recover,but the weather forecast is for heavy rain and thunderstorms.I hope to get to the plot over the next few days..

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Anonymous said...

Love the vibrant colour of your poppy