Monday, July 23, 2012

Pine Lake Weekend

 We are staying in this lovely three bedded Lodge that overlooks the infamous Lake.There are not a lot of Pine Trees however,but lots of Waterfowl,shrubs, and deciduous trees.
 The swan and six cygnets were swimming along the lake shore when we arrived.They are so graceful,and powefull Swans.
 The Lake shore is lined with Lodges on two sides.The reception,restaurant,kids area,and entertainment area sit on the western end.The east end of the lake  is a bird sanctuary and not accessible.
 When we walked around the lake shore we stumbled on this British Orchid growing above the lapping water of the lake.
 The first night saw this cheeky duck who we called Kingsmill (after our loaf of bread) who flew onto the lodges patio and tapped on the window with his beak.We gave him two pieces of bread,then read do not feed the birds!oops..
 When we walk along the road to the reception we went past this Wisteria in a pot.The first thing we noticed was it was growing inside the window as well as outside.There is a special guest residing between the Violas..
 This Duck is nestled down so far that she cannot be spotted until you look right into the pot.She is brooding some eggs and has been there for the last 3 days.
 The sun briefly shone and I snapped this Blue Damsel Fly on the green leaf.They are very difficult to photograph as they keep flying away if you get too near them.
 Growing nearby to a lodge was a Butterfly bush just like ours.This Butterfly was basking in the sunshine yesterday and enjoying the nectar.
These Beetles were on the white flowers by the Orchids.They love the nectar on offer.We have spent the weekend relaxing.There are lots of visits planned for the week to see as much of the Lake District as is possible.

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