Monday, July 02, 2012

My Plant Projects 2012

 The rain is falling again here so I have been watching the tennis from Wimbledon but even that is now rain delayed.I photographed our Himalayan Birch tree yesterday.It has grown taller than the six foot cane that I used to try and keep the main stem growing straight.It has around eight seperate branches now starting to form the vase shaped tree with multiple white barked stems and branches.It has a hint of the ghostly bark at the bottom of the tree,but the man from Bluebells nurserys said it would take a few years.I lovingly watch this tree from the front room window,and examine it whenever I walk back home.This is the first plant project (a Tree really) of trying to grow a new specimin that I have not tried before.
 My other project plant this year is the Black Hamburg Grape Vine.It has now clambered all over the six foot by three foot trellis and is hanging onto my Buddhist windchime.It is festooned in about eight flower bud bunches of grapes.I hope that they grow well.
The Greenhouse will be replaced by a glass one and this Grape Vine will be rehomed in the back of it.The insect catcher and Pitcher plant keep the fly numbers down.This greenhouse plastic cover is very holey and leaks rain terribly.I hope that we get to eat some black table grapes this year!
  June was a complete wash out and they say that the April/May/June were the wettest three months ever recorded!I hope that July is better.We are due to go to the Lake District in the third week of July.

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Gary said... it raining?? lol
It's good to see that you are still getting something done, and wimbledon eh.....go Murray!