Friday, January 20, 2012

Rain Delay And Grand Plans

It has been a wet few days here in West Yorkshire.I went to the allotment yesterday and harvested lots of Carrots,and some Baby Leeks.I surveyed the plot and formulated a new plan to dig it over ready for the new growing season.I will only grow what I like to eat.The surprise for me was how much the warm weather has sprouted weeds,but also that I have finally have some Purple Sprouting Broccoli!The ground was so sodden,it just caked my shoes and stuck to them.The rain delay stopped me starting the spring dig over.I have until the end of March to clear the plot and remark the new beds.
I came back home and started the gardens spring clean.The new conservatory needs a lovely vista to look out at.I trimmed the Roses,cleared all the pots of debris,removed all the grasses and weeds.I wanted to create a clear run along the concrete path.I removed old planters that have gone over.I swept all the winter debris of leaves,twigs,and mud.The view above is along the newly cleared path.The Conservatory will be completed tomorrow with the laying of the floor.Once this is done we can move the furniture in.I want a comfy chair in a corner by the radiator so I can watch the birds in the garden.Only one Goldfinch has been brave enough to eat the Sunflower hearts by the conservatory window.The Squirrels have been at them already though,but these are resourceful creatures and not easily scared off (they come back about five minutes later).
I'm cooking some Carrot Soup now with the five pounds of Carrots from the allotment.They are a mixture of Italian and Chantonay Carrots and smell divine.
The rain was falling all day.The conservatory roof echoes every drop like a rain stick.It will be soothing once the floor is in.
I want to finish the garden clear up.The sunken bed needs a new fence panel running along it to stop the soil falling on the damp proofing.It needs replanting and tidying up.I have noticed the Catnip Nepeta Six Hills Giant has died off.The fragrant herb has attracted all the local cats in,and has pretty lilac flowers.
I am drawing up a new wish list of plants to fill the revamped garden.The pond also needs clearing up of debris and vigorous growth by the oxygenating plants needs cutting back.I'm also looking forward to seeing the first Frogs in the Spring emerging from the pond to serenade for mates.
The weekend will see me drawing up a list of seeds to buy for the Vegetables and Flowers for the garden.I will chuck out all my old seeds that have gone out of date.I hang onto them for years past there sow by date,and there germination rate is always poor.
A new year,a new room to observe the Flora and Fauna,and grand plans for the best growing season ever.

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