Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Mushrooms and Monstera

I finally have some Mushrooms to show you all on the blog.After two false starts when they wilted and died these Golden Oyster Mushrooms have grown.I bought the set from Suttons seeds as a present to myself..I have always thought Mushrooms have the fairy dust element about them.They grow in woods and in wet grass where nothing was before.They also disappear as fast as they came.I tried some quick pan fried mushroom today which were delicious and silky.The set cost £10 but I guess I have eaten what I have grown making them priceless.This was the Conservatory at the end of day 7.The concrete floor is still drying,as it has been freezing weather.The outside tap and all the birds water has frozen solid.Even the top of the pond has frozen, but hopefully not all the way down so my over wintering frogs and newts can survive.The garden has foot prints,and concrete dust all over it.A lot of the plants have been squashed during the building work.The Spring Bulbs are still pushing up despite the steel toe capped boots treading all over them.Whatever has survived will grow again well.The sunken border now sits parallel to the outside wall of the conservatory.The birds will be feeding extremely close to the house.They will need to get used to it.The mess and destruction will be worth it once it is finished.The garden will be closer through the glass windows.The waterford crystal vase has these lovely Carnations,and Gypsophila.I picked three colours of Spray Carnations to give us some colour during the building work.I love the smell and sight of these cut flowers.
I keep thinking about a large specimen plant to sit in the conservatory.Maybe a Yucca,large Dracaena,or even a Monstera.We are meeting Hils at Hampsons tomorrow so we can look for a showy house plant then.
I want to try to plan the garden out with new planting,and a more defined structure..


Gary said...

Nice to eat the fruits of your own labour, whatever the price. Conservatory is looking good, and hope to see it filled with plants, with maybe even a seat or two! lol

lisa said...

Very exciting to see your mushrooms and conservatory! Your gardening is really branching out in all directions-congrats! :)