Saturday, January 28, 2012

Two New Plants

The conservatory has a six foot plant growing between the kitchen and it.It is a Philodendron,a South American tree climbing giant with heart shaped leaves, variegated pattern,and growing up a moss stick which has its aerial roots growing into the moss.I have always loved House Plants from a very small ages.It started with Spider plants and grew from that to a gardening bug.Doctor D.G.Hessayan has a lot to answer for.I got an email about a website called "Me And My Plants".You take a simple test answering three questions to find your perfect house plant.There are five hundred books a day to be won,so you can play several times.My plant came out as Robert the Rubber Tree Plant.It was delivered from the local West gate florists.The website is being run by the Flower Council of Holland.They sent me the book and the plant.They want to encourage positive relationships between people and plants.The web address if you want to try is:
The conservatory has a Spider Plant,an Xmas Cactus,and an Aloe Vera growing along the high windowsill under the sloping roof.I do not need much encouraging to fill this new room with green plants.
They are always well treated by me,and I try to keep them alive for as long as possible.I think they help clean the air,and are therapeutic to nuture.

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