Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Dragon New Year

I went to Wilkinsons today to buy the Seed Potatoes,Onion Sets,Garlic,and Shallots.I bought some more bird food as well and some Horseradish for future roast beef dinners.
It was the Chinese New Year yesterday,and we are now in the year of the Dragon.
I had an email about the Edible Garden Show in March 16th-18th in Warwickshire.James Wong (who presented Tv's Grow Your Own Drugs) will be there encouraging people to try exotic fruits and vegetables.He suggested Dragon Fruits to coincide with the Chinese New year.They are mad looking red fruits!
The Squirrel was back in the garden today.He is a juvenile Squirrel and was munching on old dried cream crackers and sunflower hearts.The birds were in the garden en Mass.
Blackbirds,Collared Doves,Starlings,A Wood pigeon,Robins,and the Nuthatch returned.I'm hoping it will be dry tomorrow so I can continue the garden clean up.The sunken border needs a barrier putting at the back to stop the soil getting on the damp proofing of the conservatory.It needs tidying up and a few plants moving.
The pond water had cleared today and I saw that the Water Lily has survived the winter and is growing fresh new leaves under the water.
I think all my seeds will arrive tomorrow for the years Vegetable growing.There are all new varieties and should be good to blog about my experiences.Our hanging baskets should be planted tomorrow too.I will hopefully have some photos to share.

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