Saturday, January 14, 2012

Work In Progress

The Squirrel was keeping an eye on the developments going on in the garden.The conservatory is being built.The past few days have seen the foundations and bricks being built up.All the pots and containers on the decking have been moved into the lawn.
The view from the back door.Once it is finished the backdoor will be moved to the conservatory.I am already planning to buy a large specimen plant for indoors.Maybe a Yucca,or a Parlour Palm.
The past few days have seen me off colour with a cough and a cold.I am working Sunday before a week off.
The garden needs revamping,and the sunken border will need replanting after all the building work has finished.The past few nights have seen the temperature drop below freezing for the first time.It finally feels Wintry.
I hope to blog lots more on my week off..

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