Thursday, September 15, 2011

Harlequin Blue 2011

This first photo shows a plant that has been growing for two growing seasons before it has finally bloomed, the Streptocarpus Harlequin Blue.I saw this plant first at the RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2010 where it won new plant of the year 2010.It was the first Streptocarpus with bi colour flowers.Blue on top, and pale yellow below.I had to wait until the Autumn Flower Show to buy plant.It has taken all last year,and nine months of this year for it to bloom.I love the colours.All my Streptocarpus were killed last year as i left them in an unheated greenhouse.Trying to make room for Cat in the kitchen.The severe freeze killed them all.All that has survived is the Streptocarpus Charlotte but she is a bit sickly.The sun has been shining today.Cat has cut the front and back garden grass.It looks invigorated now.She topped up the birds food too.I was listening to the birds singing today in bed (in the loft bedroom).The grass is now beautifully cut,now the path needs cleaning up.It has debris on it,and soil left from the mole hills.This sunshine has given some of the plants a new lease of life.The Lady Emma Hamilton Rose has got more rose buds on it.She is growing between the grasses, and the Asters.The two Buxus are growing away nicely.I want to clip them into a ball shape but want them to grow a bit bigger first.Once they have decent size I can trim them to a round ball.It is cheaper to buy smaller plants and try to grow them on.The sickly Rose Wisley has a dainty little bloom on it.It has perfect flowers but has been looking poorly for most of this year.The little pink Rose made me smile when I saw it.Despite adversity it is still trying to flower.This wildflower clump is growing on the edge of the greenhouse.I love these sunshine flowers.these are loved by Hoverflys and late season bees.Another late blooming surprise is this Ceanothus.It has the most fragrant blue flowers that smell of honey.These attract the Bee's from miles.It bloomed much earlier in the season,so it was a surprise to find two flower spikes growing away.
It is the Autumn Flower Show from Friday to Sunday.I am working the next four nights so I will have to miss it this year.I will try to book it off next year.
The weekend is forecast to be wet.There was some greenhouse damage from the strong winds.The garden is quite densely planted so the plants just bobbed around but not too much damage was sustained.
The garden is looking a bit raggedy around the edges,but it still suprises me.

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Colleen said...

I love your blog and I love your flowers. Especially the brave little Rose Wisley.