Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Garden Bounty

As September nearly ends the garden and allotment have become really productive.I went to the plot today and harvested a Unicorn Cabbage,and more Italian Carrots.I picked more Tomatoes from the garden and greenhouse.The Cheyenne Chilli's continue to go yellow.There are smaller purple Tiger ones growing on still but not on the plate.Also on the plate is a Maris Piper Potato from the plot,and Pink Fir Potato's from the garden grow bags.I made Carrot Soup, and Tomato soup with the bounty from the garden/plot. A surprise outside was this scented Abyssinian Gladiolus.It was blooming in the Moliniux Roses,hidden away.It has a drooping flower,with purple colours in the centre of the white petals.I planted about ten of these but only the one has bloomed so far.A volunteer plant is this Blue Lobelia that has grown between the paving slabs near the decked area.They are so bright and cheery.I planted them along the edge of the sunken border before.It has obviously self seeded.
Surprise plants in new places always bring a smile to your face.The weather has been hot and sunny.A late Indian summer?It brings the gardens colours out.
I have already started to visualise the work i need to do on the allotment over the winter.I have Runner beans,Parsnips,Swedes,Brussels Sprouts,Carrots,and Cabbages still growing.There are empty beds that can be dug over now.
I have to work tomorrrow before I can get to spend time outdoors.

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