Thursday, September 08, 2011

As the summer draws to a close the colours left in the garden become more vivid.The unsettled grey Sky's cast everything in a bright light.The Bronze Fennel has become beautiful in its yellow flowers.This photo captures the ethereal light of the yellow and green.It has taken really well in the ground by the dogwood.Not to be outdone the Dahlia Bishop Of Llanduff glows like a Mongolian tent on the steppes.The light shone through the petals like a stained glass window.These have been a spectacular success and have bloomed really well throughout the summer.I am wandering about buying more Dahlias in the Autumn that will compliment the Scarlett red flowers and dark foliage of the Bishops?The baskets have gone over a bit,and some of the plants are a bit leggy.These Petunias have been a success.I love their sweet scent and their flowering potential all summer long.As long as they are regularly deadheaded these will flower deep into the Autumn.The birds have started to return into the garden too.This Baby Goldfinch looked so cute standing on the Teasel pecking at the seed head.They keep landing on the plants.They are so light they hardly move a stem.I will see if they feed on these seed heads over the winter?
The days seem to be getting shorter too.The sun rises later and sets sooner.We are heading into Autumn.Autumn watch will soon be back on our TV screens.I hope that the garden continues to draw wildlife.We are still under mole attack along the path.Bottles and Cat poo have deterred him a bit but not stopped him.He is providing me with lots of top soil free of weeds and pests..
The grass outside needs its final cut of the year.The birds are disappearing into it when they hop across the grass.
I made a batch of Tomato soup with my Tomatoes.There are still lots to be picked on the Outdoor Girls,and the Red Cherry's.
The Chili plants took a battering when the wind blew them off the greenhouse shelf.The strong winds wreaked havoc on them.I hope that I will get at least one Scotch Bonnet,and one Habanero Chili by the end of Autumn.The Cheyennes have fruited beautifully but not turned orange yet.I have a good ten purple Tiger Chili fruits forming too.They will keep me warm during the winter if i cook with them.
The garden is being left to form seed heads and to see what wildlife comes into it.There is still harvesting to do at the allotment and in the garden.Autumn will be a spectacular season to photograph and to write about.

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Kate Boyan said...

love all the flowers and really love the baby gold finch!