Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Pink Ballet Dancers

As the nights get longer,and the daytime temperature dips the time to blog lessens.I have been working lots,and the cold wet weather makes inside a more comfortable option.
I have been harvesting Tomatoes and Chili's over the past week.I need to get to the allotment to harvest the Cabbages,Pumpkins,and Carrots.
There are more plug plants growing on in trays ready for winter baskets.They are all hardy i hope.
The Fuchsias photographed (that look like ballet dancers in tutu's) need to be taken out of the summer baskets and grown on in pots over the winter in the shelter of the greenhouse.I will warm it with a paraffin lamp this year on below freezing nights.
I want to get out into the garden tomorrow to take more photos.The garden looks well lived in now,with many ornamental seed heads forming for the birds.
The leaves are slowly beginning to turn from green to oranges and browns.The leaves have not begun to fall properly yet.The calender says it is Autumn on Friday.

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