Saturday, September 24, 2011

Changing Seasons And Hot Chocolate

This flower represents a triumph for me this year.I bought some Chocolate Cosmos tubers which I have grown on.They were so slow to start with that I worried that they would rot in the pot.Just as I was giving up all hope when it sprouted leaves.I have the pot on the outdoor table so I can smell the sweet smelling flower.It is a Mexican Perennial and one of my favourite Autumn flowers.Its dark looks and chocolate scent make it a winner.I replanted two pots with the Petunia plug plants that had survived being left in the trays.I love the vibrant colours.The first pot has a Scabiosa in the middle.The second pot has a Japanese Painted Fern.
Interestingly I read that there are more rare Japanese plants growing in the UK than there are growing wild in Japan.The plant hunters of the 19Th century took a lot out to feed peoples love of new and exotic plants.
People now still love buying new plants,and exotic new species.At least there are examples here of Japanese plants that could be returned to the wild,or cultivated en Mass then returned.
I love these Simple Pansy's.They have a myriad of paintbox colours, and combinations.They seem to grow well in Yorkshire,and have a long flowering time.
It is officially Autumn now according to the calender.I'm enjoying the colours of the garden that remain,dotted between the newly formed seed heads.There are more replacement plug plants growing on for the baskets and the sunken border.I have to work this weekend before more days off.
I hope Autumn Watch will be back on our screens soon.Chris Packham will be reunited with Michaela Strachan.Like the Really Wild Show that I watched when i was younger.
I saw the Hedgehog in our garden last night snuffling around the bird feeding station eating the bits the birds dropped.He must be fattening up ready for the winter hibernation.I heard our resident Owls last night,and I think Foxes for the first time.Nature is bountiful at this time of year so everything is eating well before winter.I am trying to enjoy the gardens in this time of changes.

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