Sunday, October 09, 2011

October Garden

I have been working lots so the blog has been slightly neglected.I have been enjoying the last blasts of colour and flowers in the Autumn garden.A few days of sunshine has inspired flowers to bloom for a second flush of colour this year.The Mexican Orange Blossom suprised with me with its almond scented flowers above glossy green leaves.Arthur Bell flowered for a second time.The plant has such a lovely deep yellow colour with a slight fragrance.The roses have all grown on beautifully.The Roses Wisley,Lady Emma Hamilton,
and Gertrude Jekyll have all got rose buds on them now.The Abysinnain Gladiolus have been flowering away in a pot by the backdoor.They look lovely with the white and plum flower,with the scent of Lilac.They have been damaged by the wind and rain that has ravaged the garden.The leaves have started to change colour,and some have dropped off.Walking along the street can involve kicking through piles of leaves.The Lilac Tree leaves look autumnal now.
Today has been a lovely sunday.Roast Lamb Dinner,watching Countryfile,and the Antiques Roadshow.Im working tomorrow.
The garden needs tidying up.I have new plants growing for the baskets and the sunken border for the winter period.At some point I will remove the debris from the summer party.I am enjoying the last bursts of colour.
I know its late in the season because Autumn Watch started on Friday night..

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