Saturday, August 06, 2011

Wild Weather & Life

The rain fell very heavily the other day.So much fell that there was flash flooding in places.My Frog water gauge showed nearly two inches of rain fell when the photo was taken.It has been raining intermittently today but nothing as severe as the deluge the other day.We needed the rain though as it has been a relatively dry Summer.Our front lawn grass is yellow and brown from the dry season.Rain is the one substance that plants need to survive and thrive.Gardeners always have one eye on the weather forecast. This is one of a pair of Juvenile Squirrels who have been raiding the garden on occasions.They have dug up a few of my pots and feasted on the peanuts and sunflower hearts.They are cheeky but quite cute looking.There was so much bird food on offer he seems lost for choice.Like being in a sweet shop with shelf upon shelf of goodies to eat,decisions,decisions.Some people do not like them,but i think they are quite fun to watch as they leap between the fence and the bird feeding pole.They are like furry acrobats.He is just dining on a regular food resource.Its in his genes.
This juvenile Chaffinch was feeding on the floor picking up the scraps dropped by the messy Starlings and House Sparrows.He has a lovely red breast and grey/blue coloured head.I love taking photos then trying to identify the bird later.
The blog has made me more inquisitive into what things are.Being able to name what something is keeps me reading books,taking photos,and trying to learn more.
Knowledge used to passed down orally between generations.I am trying to keep that tradition going through the media of a blog.
The world is full of so much that is good to look at if you go outside your door with open eyes.

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