Sunday, August 07, 2011

Tiger Lily

The first Tiger Lily has finally bloomed.I bought two bulbs from the Spring Flower Show and planted them at the end of March.They are orange with dark spots.The Americans call these Ditch Lily's as they grow well by water.
My two weeks off are up and I'm back to work tomorrow.The rain did not fall today,as they predicted.I think the rain missed us.I bought a good book by Monty Don from the charity shop.It is called the "Sensuous Garden".I love the photos that illustrate the texts.I saw it in the window halfway down a stack of books.I went inside and paid fifty pence for it!What a bargain.
The Tiger Lily would look good in the orange colour section.I love the dark spots on the Lily petals.

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Bridget said...

That book was certainly a bargain. Well done from a fellow bargain hunter. Beautiful Lily.