Thursday, August 18, 2011

Summer Stars

The Water Lily flower bud has opened at last.It looked like a floating balloon sitting on top of the pond water anchored by the stem from the sunken basket.The water Lily has made about a dozen leaves in our small pond.It is sunken now in the deepest part of the water.I read the leaves adjust to the depth of the water automatically.The Fuchsias in the baskets look magnificent now with their pendulous drop flowers.These plants are perfect for the centre of baskets.The flowers cascade over the sides of the baskets.I just have to remember to keep watering them on hot days.There are eight hanging baskets around the garden fence on both sides.The plant labels are buried beneath the masses of Petunias,Busy Lizzie's,and Pansy's.I love the purple colour on these Fuchsias.The Asters have started to bloom in earnest.They have a mixture of Lilac,Pink,and Purple colours so far.They are beautiful to look at with their pastel shades.It has been worth waiting for.These have been grown from seed this year.A wide shot of our pond showing the bricks,pond plants,and floating on the water the Water Lily flower.The frogs love our pond.I keep seeing them peering at me from the edges of the lily leaves.The water should be deep enough not to freeze over in the winter protecting our resident frogs.The water is still very clear to look down into.Some plants need splitting and new baskets bought for sinking the plants onto the shelving.The Water Lily flower is reflexive.It closes at night and opens slowly throughout the day if there is six hours of sunshine.The first photo shows it just opening.Two hours later this was the flower from above.I love the delicate beauty of this first Water Lily flower.The stamen attracted a hover fly as soon as it need to be in the garden during the day to see this flower open.By the evening it is closed again.I love the colours.Water is very calming to look at.One of the Monet Sunflower plants has finally flowered.I saw a program about the secret wildlife that lives in the lost gardens of Heligan.Flocks of Goldfinches were landing on Spent Sunflower heads extracting the sunflower seeds.I always wandered why the Goldfinches were mad for my Sunflower hearts in the garden.It must be a natural resource that they like to feed on.
This is a small flower compared to the ones at the allotment.I think Sunflowers just make people happy with their brightness,and cheery face.They also move around following the path of sun across the sky.

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