Monday, August 15, 2011

Candlelight Post

I had a day off to relax and take a few photos.The first picture is our water lily bloom almost opening.It has grown a dozen leaves and this is the first flower bud which has pleased me a lot.I did not know if it would flower this year in the pond.The frogs love the water Lily's to sit on,or underneath them.I wander if this plant will die back in the winter or does it need lifting and drying out until the spring?I love the many colours of the Violas.They have such vibrant colours and patterns.They were the plug plants that Cat ordered.Each flower has unique face and is a little work of art. This lovely royal blue Lobelia self seeded from Fishponds drive in one of the long planters.There are a few plants but I love the colours.Blue stands out really well as a flower colour,especially in fading light.These pretty weeds are growing by the greenhouse concrete base.They are such a cheery yellow colour.The Hoverflys love them.I love the colours in this photo.The Rose Harlow Carr,hanging basket, and the salmon coloured Gladiolus in the barrel planter.This is a view from the backdoor looking up the garden path.The August sunshine makes the colours stand out against the green.I love the Globe Thistles.They float above the dark green foliage and attract pollinators into the garden.I'm pleased how much they have grown on this year.The last photo shows the Aster duchess.This is the first flower that has bloomed.There are maybe two dozen plants that I have grown from seeds that my Mum sent me for Xmas before.They will be in a variety of pastel shades.I love the yellow centre with the swirling spiral.
I have just been writing this post by candlelight as the electricity got switched off along our road.Happily power has now been restored.
I am back to work tomorrow.It rained earlier on and I was tired from my two long days at work.The delights of the garden and watching the birds always helps me recharge my batteries ready for another shift at the hospital.
I hope to get to the plot on Wednesday or Thursday to see whats been growing.

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