Monday, August 29, 2011

Late Summer Displays

The garden continues to surprise and delight me despite the changing weather.It rained heavily for the past few days.The Scabiosa looked beautiful and phantom like in the overcast light.The flower looks like a lightning conductor in a science experiment.It attracts lots of flying insects and moths with its ghostly white flowers.The late flowering Asters remind me of sweets in an old fashioned sweet shop,where you go and buy a half pound of sweets out of plastic containers.I love the Duchess mix of colours.The hover flies love these nectar rich blooms.At the corner of the sunken border the aniseed smelling Bronze Fennel has made these delicate yellow flowers.They float above the green leaves below.They look like little yellow fireworks exploding over the borders plants in an August display.Our Apple Tree has three mini Apples on it.I will plant the Apple Tree in the winter into the ground by the fence.I hope that this will encourage it to have more flowers and more Apples.As Autumn draws near the Apples should be ready to eat.This plant surprised me.I thought a moth had landed on the pink phlox.When I looked closer it is the first flowering Toad Lily.This is such a beautiful and exotic flower.I thought it was one of the Freesias.They must have rotted in the pot.There are about five of these plants so I'm hoping for more flowers.I have wanted to grow these for years before I finally bought the bulbs from Hampsons.They are gorgeous colours.The burgundy spots,yellow centre,and almost squid like tendril's in the centre. These are unique flowers growing on top of thin woody stems with dark thin leaves.I will wait to see if any more colours grow.
Walking around the garden daily always brings new things to look at.I have not done much tidying.I am trying to keep the flower heads on to make attractive seedheads.When winter comes these should add some structure when it is frosty or snowing.I want to see which birds come to feed on which seed heads.
An August garden is full of colour,but also the remnants of flowers that have bloomed and gone over.

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