Thursday, August 11, 2011

Rain Music

I bought the fuchsia's from wilkos.The Six small plug plants were growing in jelly in a mini plastic greenhouse for a few pounds.The half dozen plants are now growing in the centre of six of the hanging baskets.This is a blue tinged one called La Campanella.I love fuchsias but end up killing them in the winter every year.Their flowers are pretty like some natural teardrop pendent jewellery.It rained today, heavily at times.All gardening ceased apart from these few photos taken between rain showers.The Pelagonium continues to flower on the outside table.I love how dark and crimson like these flowers are.The lemon scented one looks dog eared,but this plant keeps on blooming week after week.I bought this at the Spring Flower show at Harrogate.
It has been a baking day because of the inclement weather.I have baked fruit scones,Eccles cakes,and lastly chocolate chip muffins.I hope its drier tomorrow.
I have been reading the Monty Don book the sensuous garden.I love his very poetic prose about individual colours,sounds,tastes, and textures inn a garden.The photos beautifully illustrate the prose.He makes you want to go out into the garden to see which of the qualities he is describing is present in your garden.The only one I did not have is running water,but today mother nature provided my own raindrops symphony as it fell onto the plants,and grass.The dripping noise adds to the watery symphony.I do like listening to the raindrops hit our skylight covers.
Imagining how much rain will be collected in the water butts by the shed.I love the fact the book was a bargain at fifty pence but so readable.It will be a book to peruse during wet days where you cannot get out into the garden.

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