Thursday, March 17, 2011

Saint Patricks Day

Its Saint Patricks Day and in honour of this we are cooking Irish Sausages, and Colcannon for tea. We have had a busy few days with Mum visiting us, and ongoing gardening tasks. The photo is of the Dogwood Mum bought me at Harlow Carr. I will do a blog post about our visits to Harlow Carr, and Newmiller Dam.
These Dogwoods look beautiful in Winter with their colourful stems. I want to buy a few more so they can be grouped together. During the summer this one has variegated leaves.

The other plants I bought was this David Austin Rose called The Dark Lady( Old Rose scent and scarlet flowers), and three pots of the Wildflowers, Marsh Marigolds. These will illuminate the pond with their golden yellow flowers.
Mum has gone back to Cheltenham now. Cat and I went shopping today for greenhouse instructions, pots for my Roses, and some Solar Frog lights.
We have been busy building the Greenhouse. Spring begins in 3 days on Sunday. More posts later.

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Vicky said...

The David Austin Rose Dark Lady is one of my favorite roses. You will enjoy it. It always reminds me of the red roses my Grandma grew in her back yard. I could smell them from the front lawn.