Friday, March 11, 2011

Retail Therapy

I'm back again. After four night shifts, one sleep day, and one long day!
I went to Hampsons today to buy a small water Lily for the pond. I forgot as we walked around so i still need to buy one.
I bought some Spring Colour that can be planted in the sunken border and in the pots and boxes. Flamboyant Primulas, Violas, Pansy's, two Geraniums, and some Gladiolus and Peacock Orchid bulbs for summer colour.
There have been terrible gales over the last two days. My old Cold Frame blew into the pond in bits!
I bought a new wooden cold frame which still needs putting together. The Battered Cabbage and Leek seedlings will go in there once its made.
The wind also blew the Apple Tree over in its pot, and split the roof of the Bird Table when it got blown around the garden. The roof is split and broken. It needs some emergency repairs to keep it going.
Every time I think the worst weather is over we have some other major winds, rain, or snow! The garden continues to grow in preparation for Spring. Some of the container Crocuses are flowering now, and the Daffodils have got flower buds forming.
I'm working one more day tomorrow then I'm off for a week.
I want to go to the RHS garden at Harlow Carr in Harrogate, and down to David Austins near Wolverhampton for Roses. My Mum is coming too I hope next week to see me in Yorkshire..
We are planning further works on the garden. These bought plants will bring some colour into the borders and pots.

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