Saturday, March 19, 2011

New Garden Additions

The weekend is here and there is so much that needs doing in the garden. I made this cold frame up a few days ago. It replaced the old one that got destroyed by the high winds. This one is made of wood, and was prefabricated with the screw holes drilled for me.Once I had got the sides the right way round it fitted together like a dream. It is housing the Leeks and Cabbages that I sowed in February. Overnight it took in the flowers that need planting into the garden as we had frosts and below freezing temperature.

Over the winter one Rose pot has split in two. I decided to re pot the Roses, the Monkey Puzzle tree, and the Gooseberry. I went to Wilkos for the plastic pots, then Hampsons for three bags of multipurpose compost. They are only sixty litres now. I wander of the overuse of peat has caused manufacturers to go from 75 to 60 litres? I bought the two Barrell planters as we have some already that house Cats Hostas. These are all in the Greenhouse awaiting my attention.

After ten months in the outhouse the plastic connectors and metal bars for the Greenhouse were taken out of the box and laid onto the grass.
Cat secured some more instructions from Wilkos (Big thanks to them for giving us a copy of them. We lost the original in the move). We spent an hour poring over the plans working out which connector went where and built it. We sent off for a new cover as the old one ripped to shreds, over the bars. I love the new/old Greenhouse. It will be the powerhouse behind all of this years Flowers, and Vegetables.
This weekend will be a mixture of planting, re potting, digging the allotment, sowing seeds, and doing blog posts.
Tomorrow is the official first day of Spring. There is so much to do, but that is good. The growing season always fills us with hopes and dreams of a perfect year. Its sunny outside and the birds are filling the garden with there singing.

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Red Robin said...

Green house and coldframe look very impressive.
Have been inspired to do some using blog again as well.
great to see you all.x