Thursday, March 24, 2011

Big Bulb Plant And Big Lunch

I got an interesting email about an event called the Big Bulb Plant.
It suggests community groups organise planting of summer bulbs now like Dahlias, Nehrine, Gladiolis or Lilys. Planting should take place between March and the start of April.
The bulbs can be planted in public areas that need reviving, or even in pots outside your neighbours door.
They want to link with another event run by the Eden project. They want people to organise a big Lunch in June (June 5th) where neighbours sit and eat lunch at a table for one day a year. The tables hopefully will be decorated with cut flowers from the communitys Big Bulb Plant.
This was started by the International flower bulb centre, in conjunction with the Eden Project.
Information, ideas, and forums are all on this website:
I must go and buy some Lilys to take part in this. I will decorate the Neighbours front doors with pots of colour. These Gladiolus will bloom in the garden.

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landscape_gardener_oxford said...

Great idea in the community, will take a look and retweet to spread the word