Tuesday, March 29, 2011

March Colours

This is the Golden Daffodils and Blue Pansy Matrix in the sunken border. The Camera has captured the yellow,green, and blue really well.I am still working out how to use it properly.I need to print out the very large instruction booklet.Why do Cameras not come with them these days?

I have finished my night shifts, and have a few days off ro recover. I am ready to be in the garden, and up at the allotment.

I bought two new Honeysuckles yesterday from Wilkos to be planted by the back door to grow up some Trellising.

The Clematis on the other side has regrown beautifully from the base. It must be the third type of Clematis that flowers from new growth. It does not regrow on the woody stems that were left from last year.

I soaked some Sweet Peas last night in boiling water, and have left them overnight. This softens the seeds hard shell, so they germinate more easily.

I want the sweet peas to grow up some netting so the flowers can be cut easily and brought into the house. Fresh scented flowers from the garden.

I will sow the selected flower seeds today in the Greenhouse. Some Lupins, Foxgloves, the Sweet Peas, and Busy Lizzie's.I want to pot the Honeysuckles up too.

There is magic when you sow seeds and the plants grow, then flower.So much to do, but I love it.

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Janet said...

Sounds like a great mix of seeds. it's good to grow plants. I'm addicted to it.