Thursday, March 24, 2011

Colours From The Garden

I have been busy the last few days splitting myself between the garden and the allotment. Both have lots of things that needed doing. The Spring sunshine warmed me up, and inspired me to get very busy. This was the first Daffodil to flower in the garden. The warmth made it unfurl its delightful yellow petals around the orange trumpet. It is slightly scented too.
I planted the spring colour plants that I bought. Geraniums, Violas, Pansies, and Primulas were placed between the foliage of the spring flowering bulbs.

This is the second Spring Bulbs in flower. I planted four pink Hyacinths and they have all bloomed in this pastel pink colour. They are scented like Candy sticks. I love their perfume outside on a warm day. The breeze blows it to your nose. I was amazed how they all flowered together at the same time. did they communicate to each other in the soil?

There is a Blue and Purple theme going on in the sunken border. I planted them in groups of two, three, or five. The colours will stand out in the loose planting style. I like splashes of early colour to join the various greens of plants that are growing on now.

These are Primula Denticulata, or Drumstick Primulas. They hold their flowers aloft, like a ballet dancer holding his partner high in the air. These are a dainty white, with the yellow eye.
Cat spent a few days clearing the huge amount of wood from the gardens path to the shed, and the rubbish that was on the front drive. She used the nice pink gloves I bought her.
The space is amazing now on the path. The wood took up almost a third of the path. The birds have been hopping around, with cocked heads looking for the missing giant wood pile!
The Compost Bins, and water butts have been moved onto the path. We need to get a builder to build a concrete base for the greenhouse. The greenhouse is temporarily homed by the back gate. It will be moved up to the base once its built.
The cleared space means the tall bird feeder can now be left by the fence, and not on the grass. I want more Hostas now to fill the empty concrete. A mixture of Roses and Hostas will run along the fence to the shed.
I still need to plant the Fifty Gladiolus that I have bought. I am thinking of digging a border along the path (where the grass is now) to the shed. I still have a voucher for David Austin Roses. I think they would look good alongside the path.
I have selected some flower seeds that I want to sow tomorrow. At the moment the greenhouse is full of veggie seeds in modular pots and trays.
I want some more flower power to fill the garden with colour all summer long.

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Anonymous said...

Fabulous display there Snappy - all my daffodils have now burst into life (abit late for St Davids Day) its really uplifting to see the splashes of yellow everywhere!