Monday, August 23, 2010

Summer Harvest

Today I picked and ate the first Tomatoes of the year. This sweet Italian Plum was juicy and tasted great with a sprinkle of salt..
Another Gardeners Delight Tomato was also ready. I still have not put up the greenhouse since we moved, so these Tomato plants are growing up against a fence outside to the elements.
I had some from Cats Dad, and some more from the Plant Stall.
If I could only grow two edible plants then it would be Tomato's, and Chilli's.
I will grow the Sweet Italian Plum Tomato's again, as the one I had was very savory and pleasant to eat.
I love eating Tomatoes just plucked off the plant, sliced, and sprinkled with a little salt.
You almost need double the amount so you can harvest some, and eat some at the plant.
It has been raining heavily today, intermittant showers. I have to go back to work tomorrow after a weekend there..
I have Wednesday and Thursday to tidy the garden, and do some more harvesting of my food crops in the garden and allotment. I will have to dodge between showers.

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Luis Tobon said...

Those tomatoes look good. I just started growing my own this year and I am enjoying every last tomato.