Friday, August 20, 2010

Sunflower Dial

Every year I seem to have at least one plant that flowers that I had no hand in. The American readers would call them Volunteer plants. The birds have a hand (or beak) in the garden dropping a seed which germinates and grows. Plants have developed all these extra ways to continue their genetic line, by seed dispersal.

The photos are of my Bird dropped Sunflower seed. Only one has grown tall and flowered over the past few days. The birds are regularly flocking into the garden now for the variety of bird food on my feeding station.
The pond has become a bird bath central for washing and preening feathers. The Sunflower is like a token of thanks from the birds.
The weather has been very wet and windy recently, so the garden is looking even more wild. But still beautiful.
I still have Sunflower seeds from Giverny (Monets garden with the bridges and water lilys) brought back by Cats mum. I hope to grow them next year. Sunflowers are such a symbolic flower, loved by children, artists, and gardeners all over the world. They always make me smile!
The concentric arrangement of the seeds in the centre is a wander of nature, admire the spiralling structure in the top photo..

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Anonymous said...

A couple of weeks ago I wrote about a tiny cherry tomato seed my father received as a gift from one of his feathered friends - he grew tubs and tubs of them all from that little seed, they tumbled out of his hanging baskets and were gifted to all his neighbours when he went visiting... These sort of gifts are always a pleasure!