Sunday, August 08, 2010

Two Fair Lilys

When we were away two of my favourite plants bloomed. They are both from the Lily family. The first is a mad mixture of pink petals, edged with white, and splattered in Strawberry jam pattern. The Oriental Stargazer Lily. It has a deep scent to it which I find very heady. I can imagine an Arabian Tent full of these perfumed flowers in a desert. Like the old Turkish Delight adverts for those who can remember them.

The second Lily to bloom was my Casa Blanca. It is pure white coloured with a lovely sweet perfume. This is the third year that both plants have flowered. They were bought three years ago as bulbs from various places. The thrill I get when they are both blooming away and surrounded by swarms of drunken Hover flys is amazing. They are such spectacular flowers, and they are scented.
For me they make the garden a place of romance, and beauty, as they perfume the warm August air.


garden offices said...

I love Lillys.Thank you so much for sharing. Each collection includes a variety of bulbs that are coordinated to create a lovely garden!

Luis Tobon said...

These are simply gorgeous!