Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Wildflower Bloom

This is the first flower in bloom from the Wildflower mix that we sowed around the edge of the pond. The seeds were initially eaten by the birds, then tended by me as it was a dry spell.
These Daisy type flowers have come on leaps and bounds, with their ferny foliage. corn Chamomile?
I'm hoping that all the Wildflowers bloom, and set seed. Hopefully year on year they should all return. I wanted a pollen rich set of flowers to encourage wildlife into the garden.
The pond is already an Oasis for Frogs, and Birds who have been drawn to it. The wildflowers will surround the area between the pond and the corner of the garden. It will be pretty much left to run wild..
The Wildflowers were not labelled what was in them so I am going to have to identify flowers as they bloom!
The garden looks lovely but just a bit raggedy around the edges. I need to get the strimmer out to tidy up the edges.
I am expectantly waiting for the Tomatoes that are growing on the fence to ripen. There are about four varieties growing. The Chilli's have not done as well, only the Cayenne Chilli's and the Jalapenos are growing fruits.
Today we walked around Pugneys, our local Nature Reserve. We saw Dragonflies, Jumping Fish, a Heron, and masses of Canadian Geese.
The Oak trees were making Acorns, and the other trees were making Berries. It was a sign of it being late Summer.

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