Saturday, September 26, 2009

Under The Narnia Lights

This nocturnal visitor was back in the garden last night. I went outside and found her snuffling under the narnia lights.
I wander when Hedgehogs hibernate? She is building up her strength by crunching all the slugs, snails, and insects that she can find.The winter slumber will drain her energy reserves, and she will wake up ravenous in the spring.
I saw a bat the other evening too flying eratically around, like a super charged rubber ball, using its sonar to locate flying insects.
We have the garden during the day with the garden birds and the neighbourhood Cats and the Squirrel. At night the garden becomes a wild place when people sleep. The native wildlife comes out. I wish I could see what roams around at night.
I am going to harvest my carrots today, and start to clear the borders. The sun is shining, and it feels quite warm. I will go to the allotment tomorrow to continue the clearing.
My week is always split up between the necessity of working and then days off to garden or to tend the plot...
The seasons and wildlife are always around me, and end up being written about in here, or photographed.

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The Galloping Gardener said...

Lovely to have all that wildlife in the garden and what a wonderful picture!