Saturday, September 12, 2009

Flowers And Wine

The Verbena Bonarensis is in flower now. These first year plants from the Walton flower show have grown about five feet and have the little lilac star flowers. They are beloved by Bee's and Hoverflys.
I put my Blackberry wine into the demijohn today after a week of fermentation in a plastic bucket. It is a thick red colour, but is a year away from being finished.
The fruit we have grown and colllected inspired me to make some more country wines again.
I have Dandelion wine, and Plum wine from the past three years. 2009 will be the Blackberry wine year.
We have made Apple Pies, and Apple and Blackberry Pies. I messed up my Blackcurrent Jam (it turned out like black cement. There are Apples on the kitchen floor in a bag, and Plums frozen in the freezer.
A glut makes you look for recipies, and ways of using the fruit or veg to stop it going to waste. Next year we may have Peaches too from our barren Peach tree...
The Goldfinches and a Robin are flying onto the feeders as I write this. They do not mind a glut of bird food. They keep coming back to feed for a while.
The sun is shining and I will be going to clear a bit more of the allotment.I'll try not to get sun burnt again on my back.

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