Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Flower Show Colours

The Autumn flower show was a riot of colours, an unbelievable selection of colourful blooms displayed in the nurserys stands. This selection of Clematis caught our eyes first.

The Orchid growers have expanded to include strange new Orchids with colourful blooms..I love how they induce the whole display to flower in time for the show.

The Hostas were there with this small tree growing over them.

I liked these Chrysanthenums and Sea Hollys displayed together. The blue and the white contrasted perfectly.

The Robinsons Vegetable stand was a picture. It reminded me of a veg shop in Paris displaying the produce like a Rembrandt life painting. The shapes and colours were expertly picked..

My favourite Orchids are these Ladys Slipper types. It looks like an extra from the little shop of horrors.

Dahlias and Chrysanthenums were displayed together in technicolour.

All grown to perfection..

The Gladiolus spikes showed how many colours you can grow, from the humble plant..

This pink leaved shrub was a Euonymus. Beautiful colours from the Autumn Flower show.

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