Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Sedum In Bloom

The Sedum is flowering now in the garden. The nectar rich pink flowers on this plant, and the white flowers on my transplanted plant.
The Bee was happy to be photographed and flew from flower to flower.
Cat spotted a suprise visitor today too who will be identified tomorrow.
Its been sunny early on but the clouds came, and the rain has been falling.
Its good that the flowers are blooming in September for the visiting bee's and hoverflys.
I do like wildlife and insects in the garden, observable within a few steps from the kitchen door.
I saw the Robin today first at the vegetable raised beds, then on the bird table near my favourite seating area.
The birds and bee's are frequent visitors, garden spirits between the flowers, grasses, and shrubs.


dinzie said...

We have a lot of sedum that has now become part of the countryside around here (Wellington NZ) ...I must get some for the garden around the vegetable plot for the bees etc ...

Great pictures in your blog ..


Jennifer AKA keewee said...

I am being so patient waiting for my Sedum to bloom. The buds are so very close to opening.

David (Snappy) said...

Hi Dinzie, they are beautiful plants with the green succulent like leafs, and the flowers are so nectar rich that the Bee's travel to them.It will be worth getting some for your vegetable plot n garden...
Hi Keewee, patience is a virtue that is hardd in gardening. My white Sedum flowers are all buds still, only a few are in flower.