Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Colours Of The Day

The Eucomis has grown a flower spike this year. Last year it had only grown the red strappy leaves before the frosts killed them off.
I took the potted bulb to the new house and left it in the greenhouse. It has regrown with vigour and been replanted.
The Pineapple bit is all the flower buds not yet opened...
The rain has come today after my nights. I hope the next two days will be dry enough to get to the allotment to continue clearing it.
The garden looks lovely with all the Sunflowers, Gladiolus, and Geraniums flowering away.
The bird feeders continue to attract masses of Garden Birds.
The Eucomis is also called the Pineapple Lily, and is a native of South Africa.
I have a red hot poker plant but it has done nothing in the dry bit of the border. It obviously likes some moisture :)
After my night shifts its nice to enjoy the sunshine on your face, the wind blowing the plants around, and seeing the colours of the day in technicolour.
Its the first of September already, where did the summer go?

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