Sunday, September 20, 2009


The Peruvian Lily photo was taken at the Harrogate Autumn Flower show today. We left at just after eight a.m to drive to the Yorkshire showground.
This is the last big flower show of the year, where you can buy your spring bulbs and plants for the garden.
I bought a lot of the Sundrys today. A bottle of Ginger wine, Yorkshire made Pork Sausages, some wooden carvings, Home made Treacle Toffee and Vanilla fudge, lots of Spring Bulbs, an Amaryllis multiflora, a new Streptocarpus plug plant called Pink Souffle, a Campanula Pink Octopus, and a large Fuschia called Royal Velvet.
The colours of the show were amazing. I will blog the majority of the photos tomorrow. The sun was shining, and we listened to the bands playing music at the entrance, and on the main Bandstand.
Music, Sun, Flowers, Veg, and shopping...a perfect flower show to end the year. The next Flower show is in April 2010. We will be there.


Unknown said...

my david.. is there not a show nearer xmas?? xx

anne said...

aye up old cock spadger