Thursday, February 19, 2009

New Additions

Spring must be in the air. I visited four Nurserys last week. Armitages at Shelly, Spring Green, Victoria, and Hampsons plant world.I bought more plants ready for the new garden. After the cold and dark new flowers and plants make me happy.
Green retail therapy to beat the dark days of winter. The Primula above is in Cats kitchen.A darker Red than the spanish red and yellow blogged a few days ago..

I bought two baby rubber tree plants. You can see the other one just on the left of the Ficus. I was looking for new house plants. We spent ages looking around Spring Green and found these two plants for £1.75 each. They will hopefully grow into big beautiful plants, with glossy leaves.

Plants waiting for the new garden. A Kerria Japonica with the gorgeous yellow sunshine flowers. Its next to a Tree Peony, two Yellow Roses from Hampsons, and my early birthday present. A gorgeous David Austin Rose called Gertrude Jekyll. This was voted the nations favourite Rose last year.The pink Roses are soooooooo fragrant and lovely to look at. It will be joined ny the Lady Emma Hamilton.It cost thirteen pounds but it is worth every penny.
The difference between the Hampsons one pound Roses (with a few flowers when they bloomed) and the David Austin Rose (with thirty Roses in the first year) was clear to me.I have a weakness for Roses anyway. If I had a large garden it would be full of D.A Roses...

The last photo is of a mini Conifer called a Sawara Cypress.It is native from Central Japan, and is grown for its prized red lemon scented wood. It is used in palaces, temples, shrines, and coffins.
It is also popular in parks and gardens. It can grow to thirty five metres tall.
I think this is a garden cultivar. It has beautiful blue and green tinged needles which are soft to touch. The Tree will be good for a sensory garden as it is very tactile and pleasing to touch.
I am off today and sitting as the boiler is being fixed. The birds are singing outside. I hope these plants enjoy the new garden when I get there...

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Anonymous said...

Victoria, British Columbia, is a flower city, beautiful. I have been there years age when I was studying at UBC in Vancouver.