Thursday, February 26, 2009

At The Plot

The allotment today on a cold and windy day.I got my first blister of the year turning soil over and digging two new beds.
One for the over wintered Strawberrys which look really healthy, and the other for Vegetables.
I need to sit down with Cat and plan whats going where. There are Potatoes, Onion Sets, Cabbage and Leek seedlings, Horseradish, and various seed packets.
Carrots, Butternut Squash, Lightning Squash, French Beans, Peas, Runner Beans, and Garlic...
My hands are liberally covered in mud now. There are only two days left in Febuary. The soil was not too cold.It needs more compost digging in. A job for next week some time.
The Rhubarb is starting to regrow from the muddy earth, red and orange growths are sprouting up.
The growing season is getting closer.

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