Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Siberian Snow

The garden covered in snow.The UK ground to a halt as usual yesterday after the Siberian weather swept in.I love how white everything looks with the snow.
It knocked over my Rhodie and bent the Viburnum over under the weight of the frozen snow.
The birds kept feeding today as I look out. They have been kept warm through my bird food.
The seeds from Marshalls have still not arrived.the only things growing are in my kitchen. The Leeks and Broadbeans and Peas have germinated nicely.
I was going to dig the allotment but I cant because the snow and ice is still here.
It looks pretty though..


Gail said...

It does look lovely...I have wished for snow here in Nashville, but so far it has stayed away...gail

clairesgarden said...

brr! our snow has melted now but its freezing.

you're photo tagged!

Philosophical Karen said...

Ah, now your garden looks more like mine. ;-)