Sunday, February 22, 2009

Colour Of The Rose

A Rose from Hil's house taken this morning. I have had a relaxing weekend recharging my batterys ready for work on monday and tuesday.
The Crocuses have not flowered yet. I am checking them whenever I am at home.
The flower in the photograph almosts glows with the pink and whites.
I went to Spring green nursery today with Hil's and bought a new garden ornament.
A very plump Kingfisher with a fish in its mouth. When the weather is better I want to go to the local RSPB nature reserve at Fairburn Ings. The flooded quarry is now a wetland and has resident Kingfishers. One of Britains most colourful birds.
Its nearly as colourful as the Rose..


Anonymous said...

What a beautiful rose.

Lesley said...

I've only ever seen a Kingfisher once but it moved so quickly that all I got was a flash of blue! lol It was down at our local river, the River Wear.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful rose.