Friday, February 13, 2009

Witches Sabbath

Its Friday the 13th today, the first of three this year. I got up early and watched the garden birds flying in and out onto my feeders.
I watched a program yesterday called Wild About Your Garden where the designers demolish wildlife unfriendly gardens, then redo them to be attractive to wildlife.
They have attracted Water Voles, Badgers, Foxes, Garden Birds, Hedgehogs, Butterflys, and Moths in the four episodes I have watched.
I have tried with a variety of plants, and adding water bowls and feeders.
The combined area of gardens in the Uk is bigger than all the nature reserves combined. They want to inspire people to create wildlife friendly gardens. The sharing of your garden with wildlife makes them magical meeting places.
I am going to a nursery today in Shelly, the first plant trip of the year. The sun is shining, and the snow is slowly melting. The spring bulbs are pushing up from the soil now.
The reasons why people fear Friday the 13th are lost in time. I like the Scandinavian version that every friday the old Norse Godess Frigga met with eleven witches and the devil to plot bad events for the coming week... they called it Witches Sabbath.
I hope the Robin brings me some good luck.

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