Monday, February 23, 2009

Pink Primulas

These Primulas have lovely pink flowers with the egg yolk centres.They keep getting ravaged by the slugs but keep on flowering.
Throughout the cold winter they give little flashes of colour in an otherwise dormant garden.
They are the colour link between winter to spring.The garden experts say that the very cold conditions may have killed a lot of common garden pests this year.
Hopefully the Spring bulbs will start flowering soon, and in a few weeks I can start sowing Summer flower seeds like Petunias, Busy Lizzies, and Sweet Pea's.
It is getting light earlier in the morning now so we are leaving the dark days of winter slowly.


Lesley said...

What a glorious colour! I wouldn't mind a border full of those!

Yes, the days are getting longer and soon we'll be in the full fling of seed sowing and planting. Yay!

I'm planning on getting some work done in the garden today. It's still a bit cold but I'm sure I can work up a sweat! :D

Phillip said...

It looks purple to me...?