Saturday, February 07, 2009

Ice Station Zebra

Its been freezing cold here for the past week with the snow first, then the icy covered pavements, and now a bitter cold wind that keeps the snow and ice here.
I'm itching to get gardening, but have been reading seed books and waited for my seeds to come...
They arrived today after two weeks waiting. French Beans, Squash, Carrots, and Sprouting Broccoli. The Garlic and Peas are being sent seperately...
I have empathy now for the poor frozen Canadien and Scandinavian gardeners whos gardens are buried under five foot of snow, and the ground frozen like concrete.
You can only look out and dream of when the snow melts and the ground softens.
I looked on the BBC's website for gardening weather. It says it has been moth balled.. A very English expression. I enjoyed reading the gardeners update twice a week.
I'm off tomorrow so I can take some garden photos if the snow has melted. I can always look at the garden birds and make paper pots if it has not.
My three Pea seeds saved from last years plants have germinated successfully in the Paper pots. I need to make loads for spring sowing of my vegetable seeds and as yet unpicked Flower seeds. I like sowing Busy Lizzies as they grow quite easily and have beautiful flowers when they do bloom.
Roll on Springtime!! Then the Ice Station Zebra memories will be fading away.


Lesley said...

Hi David,
We've had a taste of really cold weather in the U.K. this week, haven't we! Like you, I can hardly wait to be outdoors mucking about in the garden. :)

Anonymous said...

Hi there. Guess who this is lol. I'm so glad that your seeds came at last. You've been itching to get your hands on them. I doubt very much if the snow will clear for you today (sunday 8th)so it looks like you will be watching the birds and making paper pots while I sleep. Make sure you wrap up warm as your house is probably colder than it is outside!